Teach soft skills remotely

The first online dialogue platform to bring new knowledge through simulations. Anytime, anywhere.


Create dialog simulations without writing a single line of code

Train better and faster

Spread branching scenarios on mobile, desktop and even in VR-headset across team or learners, get outstanding results.

Imagine launching an immersive learning experience that could be created by your own skill.

Our customers

customer Lenta market
customer magnit market
customer Moscow city goverment
Customer cofix
Customer city bank
Customer Burger King
Customer Alfa Leasing
customer X5 Retail Group
customer VTM leasing
customer unilever
customer Surgutneftegas
customer Rostelecom
customer raiffeisen BANK
customer OBI

Dailo is perfect for you if you are

HR, Sales consulting, coaching agency

Create unique speaking training simulation for your clients!
Grow you NPS and clients satisfaction rate, get new revenue flow, be unique among competitors.

Language school teacher

Create unique speaking training simulation all your students are waiting for!
Up-sale and/or get new clients thanks for unique offering.

Sales director OR manager

Create onboarding programs and courses to teach your employees. Created once allows you to be sure in your team and scale best practises fast.
Prove your forward-thinking vision, save time, grow sales, structure your business processes.

With Dailo you can


Create learning course fast and smooth


Share it to VR Headset,
Desktop, Mobile


Get in-depth progress

Why Dailo is so different

Realistic 3D-Agents

Creates full immersion in situation and stimulates additional concentration. And this is really cool.

Voice recognition

Allows students to repeat what they just learned. Based in neuroscience it drastically increase quality of learning.


Dailo is taking care on business and allows you to focus on more important things

Save time

By using our cutting-edge wizard for dialogs creation

Increase service quality

By providing innovative tool that allows to learn deeper and faster

Develop your brand

As innovative company or even person. Be different to attract new customers

Increase service quality

By using efficient tool that meets your and your students expectations

You will be in love with Dailo if

You want easy and scalable solution for soft-skills training


You belive that Mobile Era is already here


You want to adapt your solutions, business processes and services for this insanely fast world

Let us help you fix that job
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