Burger King is a global fast food restaurant chain.
Service test compliance improvement
People trained
Communications skills improvement acknowledged by employees
Sales increase depending on the category 
People trained
Engagement rate in the sales training by staff obtained
Every day Burger King restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg are visited by a large number of foreigners who speak English, but the language barrier significantly complicates their service. Employees feel insecure, often change cash registers, do not offer all the necessary items on the menu.

The course immerses the employee in a situation where he is at the checkout counter, and in front of him is a foreign client who orders certain dishes. The employee needs to serve the guest in English.

In addition, the restaurant employee must offer the client a bonus french fries at a discount, a milkshake and other additional products or dishes, as well as correctly announce the order amount and accept payment in a convenient format.
Of the 28 employees who completed the training, 18 were re-evaluated better than initially:

  • 46% of trained employees report improvements in their communication skills.
  • The second visit of the secret guest showed that employees began to offer foreigners more dishes, name more products and communicate more freely

Burger King plans to continue working with Cerevrum to bring VR training to the company.

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