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Dailo enables authors to create dynamic conversational learning content,
no programming skills required

Create online lessons for new employee adaptation, training of soft skills, products and communication skills training, or certification.

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skills efficiently

Dailo will turn your scripts into realistic speech simulators.
Choose a character and script remarks.

Teach your employees how to negotiate and respond to objections correctly without putting the company at risk.

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Ready-made templates

Just take the suitable template and modify the text. This will speed up the testing and integration process


We support the Scorm format
and can integrate it into
the LMS you need

Lessons are easy to run
on any device whenever convenient for you
DailoSpeech's own neural network recognizes the student’s speech and understands the meaning of what's being said
Live communication

The hero-guide plays the role
of a coach, colleague, or client. Immersion in the situation increases concentration on learning
Virtual People

If you find it necessary, lesson recordings and full analytics are available to watch for each trainee's action

We can help you to:

Increase your own and affiliate sales revenue. Build skills of working out the sales stages
Accelerate the onboarding of new front-line employees to fulfil the plan quickly
Improve customer satisfaction metricsThe view of images in the critical perspective.




Our customers


Burger King
X5 Group
46% of the trained employees reported an improvement in their communication skills.
The second visit of the mystery guest showed that the employees began to offer foreigners more dishes, name more products and communicate more freely.
Employees became more confident in dealing with customers and talking about upselling. The average check increased to 14%, and employee turnover decreased by 6%.
Besides, staff training reduced by 3 times.
The learning experience improved by 12%, thanks to the opportunity to take the course several times and the comfortable individual learning conditions. Our company believes that the future belongs to such future-oriented technologies.

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