Rostelecom is the largest Russian provider of digital products and services. It provides broadband Internet access, interactive television, cellular communications, local and long-distance telephone services, etc.
Improvement in the quality of knowledge obtained
People trained
Savings on training after implementing VR
Improvement in the quality of knowledge obtained
People trained
Savings on training after implementing VR
We have developed four programs for Rostelecom employees: welcome-Course for newcomers, "Meditation", "Customer-oriented" and "Public speaking". In order to make the study as productive as possible, a special digital space is equipped - VR Room

What kind of tasks Rostelecom has set us:

• to conduct a welcome-tour for all new employees right on hiring;
• train a large number of employees to mass programs continuously and in the shortest possible time;
• look for ways to reduce the cost of full-time programs without losing the quality of training;
• create a modern digital environment for all employees, regardless of position and grade;
• introduce modern methods and formats of training to continuously develop the horizons of our people.
Taking into account the geographical spread of Rostelecom's offices, VR glasses make it much easier to train employees on target programs in a standardized format.

In addition:

• by reducing the cost of training for each employee under the Customer Orientation and Public Speeches programs, we managed to allocate funds for other programs.
• the cost of the course in VR is fixed for a year, so each new participant reduces the price per trained person. Four months after the start of the program, the cost of VR training for an employee has decreased by 55% compared to the cost of full-time training under the same programs
• learning material adoption has improved by 12% (according to the tests), thanks to the opportunity to take the course several times and comfortable conditions of individual training
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